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Welcome to The United Martial Arts Alliance  

        The UMAA was founded, for the sole purpose of preserving the "Open Mindness" in the Martial Arts and unifying martial artist of various styles from all over the globe. Our doors and our hearts are open daily to all Individuals martial artists, School, small Group or large Organization, regardless of past Affiliations, Associations, Organizations or Federations. It�s required that members adhere to the basic martial arts philosophy of Honor, Courage, Dignity and Respect. 

        The UMAA has many different Martial Arts Bodies in what is a true Organization of Martial Arts, all with total Independence under the wing of the UMAA like : Alliance of United Korean Martial Arts Federation ( AUKMAF ), Alliance of United Japanese Martial Arts Federation ( AUJMAF ), Alliance of United Chinese Martial Arts Federation ( AUCMAF ), Alliance of United Taekwondo Federation (AUTF), Alliance of United Shotokan Karate Federation ( AUSKF ),  Alliance of United Hapkido Federation ( AUHF ), Alliance of United Ju Jitsu Federation ( AUJJF ), Alliance of United Aiki-JuJitsu Federation (AUAJJF ), Alliance of United Gung-Fu Federation ( AUGFF )etc. 

        The primary goal of the UMAA is to promote the unity of all martial artists regardless of discipline, style, colour, creed, gender or location, co-operation and development between the Arts. To maintain high standards, respect traditions, foster the true spirit and to encourage a progressive development of all martial arts regardless of origin. To have their ranks recognised and recorded worldwide. To support instructors and students who are no longer able to maintain or belong to their original schools due to a variety of reasons, without some affiliation, they have no one to depend on to achieve advancement in rank or to support them in their martial arts studies. The UMAA is instrumental in providing such services to each member school, association or individual. 

        Second, it is our mission to offer all legitimate Karate Do and other Martial Arts practitioners a home, without the political atmosphere, while providing them with fellowship, training, and support that they deserve. Practitioners of others styles of martial arts are also invited to participate in the Transition Programs in SeiTo Ryu Karate Do, or in GoShin SenJutsu Kempo, or in JuJitsu, or in Tae Kwon Do, or in Hapkido, or in Shotokan Karate Do, or in any kind of Martial Arts programs. 

        It is our utmost pleasure and honour to formally invite you to become a member of an organization that is concrete in its constitution, sound in its principle, regimented in its studies, and with a reputation of respected character and moral integrity; the utmost "Distinction in the Martial Arts." 

Yours in Martial arts, 

Professor Taxiarhis Karalis, GrandMaster, Soke 
Founder & Director UMAA